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Episode · 2 months ago

Scaling the Adoption of IoT w/ Dimitrios Spiliopoulos


The way to scale IoT adoption is to simplify and automate. Not everyone needs to have a cybersecurity expert on their team. Most of the time, the IoT services can provide ample security — and much more.

In this episode, Nick interviews Dimitrios Spiliopoulos, Senior IoT Specialis at, EMEA at AWS , about how he addresses the biggest challenges that clients face in scaling IoT.

Dimitrios and Nick talk about:

  • Why clients with cloud still need hardware
  • Providing support to customers through partner relationships
  • Connectivity, edge computing, and security
  • IoT growth in the industrial sector

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You are listening to Iot leaders, apodcast from Si that shares real IOT stories from the field about digitaltransformation, swings and misses lessons learned and innovationstrategies that work in each episode. You'll hear our conversations with topdigitization leaders on how I, as is changing the world for the better, letit leaders for your guide to Iota digital transformation and innovation.Let's get into the show. Welcome to the next edition of the IOTleaders. podcast with me, your host nickel, CEO of Si, and I'm delighted onthis podcast to have my guest Demetrius Philipo is and Demetrius is from asAmazon work services he's the senior Io t specialist for Emer a s so demetriuswelcome to the I t leaves podcast. Thank you very much make for theinvitation and for having me here today, I'm very kin to discuss with you thanksagain, you're very welcome Asami, now Demetrius and, as you will know, andhopefully some of the this ners no aws and S. I do have a history together inthe IOT space we've been partners for all, I would say, is just coming up tofive years. I think- and we have a lot of our mutual customers and we'velearned a lot of things together in that time and I'm sure we'll cover afew of those things in the brief time that we've got here, but just for themoment, maybe you could just explain what does your role involved? What doesa senior IOT specialist Bremer involved? Aws Yeah? It devolves many things. It is more around the business eelopment for a t business. I belong in the IT World Wide Special Organizationof as where we help a specialist were helping a customer with a disottoprojects where it is involved, but also were helping our colleaguesindefinitely, like a count managers and I other colleagues to turn the ton Betheral but also exhalesday. Customers so has a element O er an amen internally, but also dealing withthe customers outside and trying on the tanged fiber pin back from waterbeneath whatever the trends and fill back, the the service team that they build, theIT service porridges and he in team Pocosin more on a scaling activitiestrying to scale the adoption of it in general. Where is my passion, but alsothe adoption of a lid mono service, yeah and- and I mentioned that thatwe've been working to others- two companies for about five years, one ofthe one of the reasons t t t. We thought that HBS would be a con ofreasons, really why we thought a US would be successful in this spacefestival. Just looking at the numbers, you know we talked about you know, apercent of the data is going to be at the edge as the number of device isgrows exponentially at the age, of course, as really makes money by a capturing data by giving insight byadding value to data and then with all the applications to manipulate the data,and so it's natural that as w, U D would follow if you like the data tothe edge, but the second thing is: I think this is really emerging. From my perspective,at least second reason is the global nature of aUS. I mean I've talked a lot on this podcast about our focus being globalcustomers, global deployments, which is where multi country multi regions,where a lot of issues often come out because of the fragmentary propriety,nature of the Moon Network market, place in the landscape and, ofcourse, as being a inherently a global...

...accable. Ty is something which gives usof value to customers. So so, let's, let's, let's double click and go intowhat sort of issues do you must meet a lot of customers all the time? As yousaid, what sort of issues do your customers talk to you about? What areyou finding? Are there their biggest challenges? Yeah, I think the type of Sandis is achanging right every year, because now I think it is become more mature. Manymore companies are doing using it or there stinging very seriously we're notlike three or five ten years ago that it was very likeemerging technology now and we are in the more going to the maturity. So I would start with that first talentfor the company that they have already started the riot Jerney, but is thatthey? Okay, they connected the product, they learnt the market, they had somesuccess, and now they are thinking okay. What are we going to do more with itwith our already connected product, but also they're they're wondering whatthey will do with a version to of their brother and how they will be able tomonetize the data they have for how they are doing to their thinking, how they can have moredata that can offer more value to day customers or create new services andmade more revenues for the business. So customers are coming to us not only forthe services. Several let day IT services, but they are coming also toto listen from us how they can get value from the it data, and we havecereal ways that we try to help the monies with a someday worksop and wetried to use the Amazon novation culture, the working, a backward, as wesay in the Amazon when we try to hell the customer to think what theywant to do like to get a press release which wants to be the finalannouncement of their product and also give the the tools would say to toanalyze our data, which is something investing. That's interesting that you do that. Ididn't know you actually had formalized that process. I was reminded, as youwere saying it almost like playing golf. You know people say youknow o play backwards from the whole. You know how many, how many shots workstart with a destination and work backwards. It's a common businesstechnique, so you actually formalized it you're, saying you almost like startoff write the press release the marketing release. Whatever of whatyou want, the success story to be, and then you got a clear idea of whatsuccess looks like and then work backwards, as opposed to start withsome technology and work forward, solving a problem at the time that thet where you go about it, that's interesting you at tea. Instead of youknow, starting with a technology or let to it or let use these w services mpartners we're saying, okay, this is a presently what to would like toannounce, and then we held the customer, and this is the sety, the methodologythat the Amazon and as use it for you for all these years. So we have made,make it the works of to help cast boutcustomers a you know, learn and do the Temenis is a methodology. So if yougoing to do that, if presumably then that means that you, you get a selection of different peoplefrom the customer to come into some sort of ideation the workshop I mean just the puretechnology. People like I wouldn't be enough, would it I mean because theywould say well, I I don't know I've just been asked to do a certain task orI've got a sot this problem. So you actually ask for a certain. I don'tknow job titles or people management as well as technical, deferent, yeah.That's a good point in because you know with traditional it workloads. Usuallywe had the relationship with it. People...

Right CIOS, but now with I pi, think weand certainly ws. I'm sure you see Dosita Your Business, but discussing isnot only with a ID or procurement, but mainly with a business development witha novation teams, many times to the CO, the company, because we're speakingabout confirmation or a innovation and changeing processes,business, Motiti, so yeah we try to invite the even the Co, the company, CoMarketing. We do sales bis development and, of course they take them of thecustomer. So, okay, that's interesting, so that I want to go back to a pointthat you said and skipped over it, because I think it's very personat oneof the things- and that was this issue of I think he used the Prize v two ofthe product and one of the reasons for doing this. Podcast I've mentioned itbefore on previous ones. I good previous guess is that you know wedidn't start off saying or we want to be in the PODCAST Business Week. Weactually we were finding that people really needed help and advice and theywanted people to guide them through various steps and and you've justmentioned that and they have the it leads. PODCAST series came about- andyou just mentioned that, because you said well version, one they've got itto work, but they, but it's essentially a you know in the bench in the office.It works the prototype works but having a prototype working and then going fora national global roll out with all the different components and having tosolve it. The connectivity you mentioned the device which I'm surewill come on to which is a big issue. The data catching the later, what to dowith the data. So is that also a common thing after you've done the visionthing, I guess you're, then in the process with the customer, and you seemto be saying that many customers get going, I guess fairly quickly, but then,where they really need help is scaling it to be to yeah or scaling ee from theVon, because they may do a poser pro type, but then they need to skate yeahand yeah. We see customers that were trying to do everything themselves, andsometimes it can take one or two years, but which is very long right. Maybeyour product is outdated after two years that your idea from three yearsago, a Mus mist, always exactly yeah. We take to bring a partner and alwaysrecommend to our customers to work closely with our partners in order toaccelerate these interne plus. We also try to we have a prototyping team whichis designed to kill the customer start at the right way for professionalservices, but yeah. We always try to give you know the school support forthe customer, especially through our partners, in order to not wait for along time until they make a production ready product and scale quickly, andthen there are other things around security right around the headcomputing: How to do it at the right way how to reduce the risk. Yeah Yeah-and I mentioned at the beginning of the I'm- going to get on to security anedge competing in a second. But let's pick three three subjects go a bitdeeper in now: let's go to the connectivity, the edge computing, theand the security. If we start off with the inactivity I mentioned in thebeginning of the podcast that you know, we've been powering for almost fiveyears now. One of the areas that we parted in was on the connectivity side,and it's interesting what's happened since those early days because westarted off saying you know we have the any net sin which which can connect youwith a seen under networks for hever, you can put a creat a single skew of amanufacturing. Skew like Fosh, have a single skew for a robotic Lama. Saladaround the world in multiple countries.

People take it home by through, retaintake it home, switch it on and it works. But what's now happening is we'reseeing that the the telecoms market- and we talkedabout this in other podcast as well- have been- is fragmenting even more inthe roaming agreements, so are actually breaking down because of the financialmodel in roaming. There's just not enough money, particularly at the lowend on narrow band, and so you know getting an even more fragmented marketfeatures like power saving mode not available on many romy agreements.Therefore, it's even more difficult to take that the one and scale it becausenow you have to think about all the different kind activity and all thedifferent markets and all of this this work- and that's that was the genesisof the relationship between us that we say well with our you. We handle thatand we localize that the connection in each market, but you mentioned security.We also did some early work together withrelated us on on device defender. Security is a big issue for a customers.It must come up in in every in every every conversation that youhave, what sort of questions and and whatsort of concerns and advice to people really. What are the concerns that theyhave and what advice are you? Are they wanting from you in the area ofsecurity, because it's such a broad, broad topic, variety, exactly yeah, I mean we see, customers come to us.You know asking about the basic like how to start with the security, to dothe basics right. How to do the you know the access management they properly do not give a access toeveryone to day a data lay or to their restores to the data or how to minimizethe the access to it, a person bay on whatthey have to do they the joke. So these are some basics, which are not onlypriety right, this classic Ip security, but also about the encryption, like allthe atfertise, are incipe by by the pole. So this something we talkon is recommend the customers about a device id how to manatee and and theythe key- and I dent make the device a identity, alsohow to be able to know that your device is not compromised, andit's not that it's coming the message or data from another source. So wetried to kill with all of these. Our solution, Atiba for the Special Isit,are getting in these discussions for securities for the Ito Service. Butthis is a thing is a basic security, as you mentioned the by defender Right. Sothis is the service that the way alms recommend the customers for a exertethof the devices and the service is design for a ID censors. It's notpersonnes with design only for a connected devices, and I think the mostinteresting thing that maybe it's worthy to hear for the audience thisthat in December, we lounce a new feature of the device defender with usemuch ingler tin in order to identify a normally the builders fourteen days andon is at the network at the traffic and at the behavior of the divide, to come,send alert and take medication actions Saing Nigi more about now how we try to.We try to wait with or so many questions, but wesee that it's quite complicating sometimes rise to customer Hany Llote.We try to see it. I an automate kind of many of the processes, so not me tohave a super persave secure the expert... the team land. It's interesting thatyou talked about the machine learning, because when I mentioned that the thenumber of devices is growing exponentially the edge, it is ourbelief as well as I that the only way you can actually do define andpropagate and monitor security policies is to do it centrally and usetechniques like Rochin learning to June sort of patent recognition at the edge when we're describing our security topeople. I say like that's it's hard for a lot of people to wrap their headaround what that means and- and we say well think of that, like the nest, nest, Temasek and Estes that they sayyou know, is more intelligent than human, because it was a matching ofwhat room we're all preachers of habit. What Room do we go in? More often itknows it tecal and there's the temperature outside. It knows thePODCAST, but it also knows that you don't need them. You know h third bedroom heating on because younever go in there and- and I can monitor you, but then, if you applythat to tens, hundreds, thousands, potentially millions of devices, theidea of using machine learning to recognize patterns- and in this case,as you say, a nominally detection. So it's not that these things will will magically stop any security bridge. Butthe first thing is early recognition of unusual behavior and because devices are creatures devicesof having to if you like and the earlier, you can recognize unusualbehavior, the quick you can look at it. It might be fine. You say that's fineat something going on there, I'm okay with that or it might be, not fine,because time is some critical. Isn't it when, when there's any sort of Ersecurity problem that the one of the king issues is is is not reacting to it.It's the fact that by the time you spotted often the damage or let's sayorder to identify a at the real time that channing is going wrong. Yeah Yeahand I'm, given the you guys, also can issue a go: Ascimitars issuing authority as a high skilled bloud, providing you in a greatdecision to to actually issues reissue the stificate and tohelp see all the device of be like another or alliance, was around takingthat with by Stupendo, which we help lunch with. You seemslike a long time ago now on stage in Chicago, but but the the ability toactually take the device that cross our new, which is also increpet. Of course,we don't use the public internet, we only. We only use encryption, a privatenetworking at all stages, and so that's to its network level, security, whichis very important and the ability to them store the security gets in thesame with all the security es is a key part of it, all of which brings us tothe bird subject, which is the hardware side. That's another big area as well.I and the phrase that I'm hearing more and more is NEC or mobile edge. compute.You know, we've all lived through this time when we thought that hardwarewasn't important. Actually, I would say due to success on Hipercrit ers like asbecause like well. I just need a browser. You know, I know there's partwhere, but I'm not managing it any more. I'm just doing work, and just I'm justa gram and- and so you know, phrases were trying around like you knowsoftware as eating ardware. It's all about the software in companyvaluations were very much being towards software companies not far Murad. Thensuddenly mobile computes arrived, and you mentioned the sensors and suddenlynow there's. There is a very important...

...piece of hardware at the edge, which isan aggregation point which is now going to have to deal with certain senses ina U with unique business lodging. In fact, the business case comes togetherat the edge and suddenly, but all these people who thought that they were goingto do it an IT project, maybe by an after shelve device like you buy amotor phone from a phone shop. But actually it's not. I mean our experience were a hard work companyas well as I I would say in cane, as well as a as a as well as a SASS Io TamCompany consuming cove me, but but I would say, ninety percent of devicesand projects that we get involved in it require custom, specific hardware, howyou finding your your customers and prospects are wrapping the head aroundsuddenly having to think about hardware when they have spent the less tenfifteen years. Thinking it's just all in the cloud, and you don't have to do it anyway. I mean,I think, to think you know it's not that they were nothing about harder,but but yeah. I think you're right that they were producing the value or the importance of the hard orin their business. But now we think how we try to do it, as we said to simplifyright to simplify everything like that's. Why we, a few years ago, weacquired the Priato, which is a open source operating system for themicrocontrollers or a green gas. You know very well in December, we announcethat this is a open, Sorca, more modular. So you know you can use somemodules of green grass for your rights software and take only what you mean.So we try to make it easier to our services to work in different on thisvariety of pay. Hardware and, of course, we count on our partners to build apertal for the consultancy of our family that our partners provide, butalso to build with our partners, a hardware that is, you know, easier to deploy the A otservices or other things yeah, and I think, with the aidcomputing, your at that will steam or more everything is copenny at thedevise level, not everything, but the big majority as the years passed, andalso that's why I prus in a as we think it an ad is super important because inthe cloud, but many will be in the fact to the Werha or the terminal, brailingGus Yeah Yeah when prior to me Ring Sti. I went I wasat CITICO for thirteen years and my last three more years. This confession.I am my last three for years I was actually competing with, as I roundincloud program for a Sisco globally plan manage services and he argue failedmiserably. We not that the goal was to try and start made us, but it wasactually throwing revocate a lot of what at was did, but the scale that youguys had was was bringing built to replication. In the end, it was more ofan embrace and strategy, but one of the things I always used to say to peoplewhen I was explaining my why, as was so effective, was that you really didn'tInvio at least two things really really well, it is simply fintly things aDemisi by simplified, and you did it multiple times is in its releases ofsoftware every day the Debabo El is, you know the Nin new features that werecoming every day, selling front and then also scale the Bilitin to the really Scot, in a simple way and that'srelevant in terms of the hardware, because the approach that we've takenworking with you you mentioned Green...

Brush is to actually say how could you replythe lessons of simplifying scare to the hardware level, and so one of thethings that we've done yea. We have our own routes and we just released a newone, because the the hero, seven hundred, which has at us on theirdoctoris big environments, programmable router. Youknow you programming pyson on I, I and download the application to where theedge e rete, so it makes things simple. We've also taken that that the scalingDanton Celica level and another announcement that we did with you guyswas with formerly jemals a Noun Tales. A yeahwere actually you have their intelligent, Bok conet, which isessentially a module or an edge angatan device which which contains everythingin the silicon. So when you switch the Mauron or the edge aggregation ould beby son, it actually registers as a being on the age, sit thing with positthe services provision. The security silicate is generated from within a sitthat is stored automatically in the module, and the idea is, is that it's ait's just two eighty commands this sort of publishing subscribe, but it's twoeighteen commands to turn. The doboys, which is a, is asignificant for those listeners who know about how difficult it has been to connect demises dipeso cloud and tomake them secure a register and provision of service. It's asignificant break through and then, of course, you get the ability, Brittadonnetwork glowly. So so I think we're both on this approach to try andconstantly simplify it, because as much as the previse is good that we made sofar Silana or feet, but we get at least is that he, the one of the biggest inepitome- and we started off talking about that people still come down, butI still think we've got a way to go, but but but work in the area ofhardware and scalability of the silicon layer, the the security side and then givingpeople in the market. Eve Yeast means we're making progress. So t you mentionright the digression of your pontivy platform with as it which makes it mucheasier to deploy it the low to secure your device is acting and also with a tales. The Mato is our on of these aregreater thinking exams to the right direction, and I think, because we aregoing out to more maturity with it and men more more companies are helding ausing it. I don't think there's so much talent outside so much so many expertsin the market, what a technical it expert so to help traditional companies.You know build a good product connect the products. So that's why I think itis kind of parmerses and Tim simplicity that we try to bring the market is away to scale drat. The way too, I may be accessible for a more companies,more people. Well, I acaire we. I challenge our our SPF sales. I will mention this date ofthis con. I challenge your self. I said: Look If, if this product is so simplethat it will do everything we just take about, then a child should be able to use it,and he said well, I've got one of those. I've got a twelve year old daughter, soso we made it the head of our quality testing department for a week, and sowe got these boxes on, tell us and and she's a twelve year old at home as itwent to take it home and see if you...

...daughter can make it work without anyhelp from you and to her credit. She did. She hasn't ball issue. She has a smallissue and it was actually due to an error in the documentation. We then fixthat, but she I mean kids are amazing: they they follow things well and theyquite happy doing a bit of research. Anyway. She got it to work, so we gaveher a certificate. As a head of testing, I did threaten to make the sales the sales manager do.The same thing live in front of the rest of the management team, but we, Idecided not to sit at just hit, but I on put him on that platform. But thepoint the serious point being is that when we say things have got to be easy,it can't be it definition of be easy. I mean it's sort of like a can of twelveyear old. Do it and can you truly switch it on followers of intrecut? Not It's notinstant, but follows some instructions and within a few minutes, have it working, and it has been easyto get the adoption and that's something that we're all working on.There are customers out there, of course, who are really doing extremelywell. We always try and highlight them in this podcast, and so I've got one on particular wanted totalk about, but but if we go first with yourself to me, trust an give us aperhaps a custer example of of somebody who you think of done something fairlyinnovative. As you mentioned partners working with a partner that were beinggiven a show times to to a customer, has done things wellyeah. I would like my be to mention one, acustomer who has worked with as I as a partner, but also with another partnerhere in a UK. The name is a green caster. So I like a etat. We have toexplain so you said that quickly is excuse me for jumping in, but somepeople say what did you say d? Did you say? Yes, as so it's a company'spartner of both of US actually, which are formed by Mr Green, a Mer, CA, yeah inside to actually call the companyGreen custard, so anyway, just started just explain, O of the name but yeahyou're right into very interesting how they created the name. But so this islike a lot. Er System is the greater for a itand. We work very closely, so the customer is the Martin Engineeringthat they're a American company and they are providing a bulk material hanging, equipment andservices around the world. So they have a belt cleaners, conversing bellsblades for reminding industry or a heavy intestato. They provide amaterial huming solutions, so what they wanted to do was to connect a equipmentin order to be able to do a real time, remote mometer, to understand you knowthe conditions of their equipment and send allers to the engineers when thebents are going to when they are very dirty or when theyneed a replacement or when they need to stop them a see and trying to do itpractically or to schedule the Ventana o the right time, instead of stoppingthe production of the customers, which would cost them a lot of thousand a ahour and yeah. I I was a global connectivity provider. They wanted aglobal solution, so they came to a side to have this global lay coverage to beeverywhere connected and they use a sit services like a sidewise ioio dividedefender, we mention device management and our partner bringas. They help themand bring everything together and deploy from the US to around the world,using Crown Information and other... So this is really a verytraditionally. You know company Wi the hey, how they're trying to connect thenot just to a Martin in the local business, but how they're doing a cadto connect the indees which are expensive and they're, really valuablefor their customers and how they go in full production and not a global, big clemens, interesting that he beoften when I asked the question about to guess on the podcast, can you give a shout out to a customer? It'saffine innovative, you know start ups or innovative. They and and of coursethe big potential is for the installs of legacy equipment. That's out thereyou mentioned, you know, convey abelts an industrial company, that's beenaround for a long time, yeah the payback of smart, enabling legacyequipment, the industrial io t or the in some people call it the interfacebetween it and o t information, technology and operational technology.That's actually where a lot of the Roi in the payback and the opportunity forit is, and if you can actually take classic almost heavy equipment, a typescenarios and smart enable it. The the opportunity is huge, not least inwhich the most common business case we've seen is, and I'm sure the casehere is the maintenance process. Is the ability to interrogate the vices to find outwhat's wrong before you actually send somebody out there to find out toconfirm that it's wrong to then go back to get the part that they now know thatthey need to come back. I I had down time, and so the Roi for doing that ishugely. You can then do that globally with the same solution, the same Sim,the same kinect, the same cloud solution, the same security policy thatthe paybacks are enormous, because previously this stuff wasn't possible,I'm goin be in the industrial sector is where Ithink we see the most inders and demand this year, which is very interestingand especially from the traditional companies that they are starting. Nowthey, you know it Derna and the using the business cases that if the Tayproduction stop for one hour, they may lose a you know, trek some a dollar orpounds whatever or half a million in mining in the seen o oil and gas, whereit's so the business case is so clear for this companies or using it thePascuatin. Earlier. I E me your your favorite example Yahyah well on this on.I just want to highlight that again what you just said, because I think alot of people have missed that how much you going to give it an example of aStarta but but but before I do the like, you said you know what is one hour ofdown time worth to you a cost you right and, and it can be ten thousand hundred sand. It can behalf a Mien, the oil. Well, had you know if you can't drill or you have tostop the rig, you know it can be a million dollars, and at that point yousuddenly realize that that's where the opportunity is, but people don't knowhow to io to enable legacy products made value companye and now that's whatyou can do with these agagein devices, because the thing about a conveyor belts or we are customersthat do the industrial boilers or two thousand customers, and I guess most ofthe movement legacy product space, but these products all have controllers onthem. So they have a small pot where you can plug a little cable in and youcan get information out to them and often engineers use that informationjust to diagnose it when they're on... But the moment the fact that youhave a a controller in the device of some sort up to the Norris truth we toenter base, or something means you can plin their aggregation device in thiscellular and actually start to do this remotely and then start to actually dothe sort of case studies that we're talking about. So I do believe that Ido t is almost a forgotten area of it and I think a it and I think that'swhere a lot of the case studies. I totally agree with you a lot of the bigsuccess case. Studies will be with this huge install base of legacy equipment.That's not smart and is about to become smart. So I in said all that I do wantto give a shout out to a company ATTENTA company that it's just one anaward. It wouldn't award from juniper research for the most innovative believe that title is mostly innovative.It solution, it's a company called Al Curis Alcor is, and we talked aboutareas in which it makes a contribution, and this is in the health care area.It's a it's a very simple, but I'm a on paper idea, but one which I think wecan all identify with. It is to do with again. It's pattern matching it'sanother area of platen matching, but in this case it's humans and theirbehavior and actually elderly relative. So so the idea of I don't know to yourmom is living on her own and, and you worried about her and the idea ofputting a little senses around the house, tiny little things they could bein the bed. So you can. I know whether she's lying on the bed or she's out ofit. They could be on the bathroom door as she passed the bathroom door to goto the bathroom of the night and and then he's you know by the kettle as thekettle being switched on. It's a British comany, so switch on for a CapeTeam and and then the idea is by putting these sensors around the phone.You very rapidly build up a Patene, predictable behavior and what you canthen say is well I'm going to have an alert which is if mom gets out of bedin the night goes to the bathroom, but doesn't get back in bed then alertobvious one or made a capite. Her Cup of tea hasn't made a cup of tea andit's twenty minutes late, o the normal, maybe I'll, call her. So it's all goesinto. The phone is a very simple idea, but the the market segment you tookabout the Roi. The market segment is a care home, a business where people sendcare as out into the community, and the idea is that the well, the thing thatthey're addressing is that often people will get. You know three visits in aday from different careers calling in on the same person, and so there aretens and not hundreds of thousands of careers worthy the counsels whose jobit is just to go and check on people. You do get the human element, but you do you can perhaps say you knowwhat you should either prioritize, who you don't need to checkon because they seem to be okay or the other side of it. No, no! No go back tothis person now they're, not Joche, but there's something going on, so itactually is a great thing for the obviously the patient. It's a greatthing for the local councils, and this is a local councils or loving it exilisin to optimize hateable, very simple anco for relatives who can get all theinformation from the phone. It's a very, very simple idea: these sensors arevery cheap, they're, very small they're, easily to install and again it's patentmatching, which comes back to your machine learning thing, and you canimagine in the future. You could really start taking this to many many morelevels. Once you introduce machine learning into these health careenvironments, exactly- and I think like we, the humans of the human elementright, but I think if a Comei is able... reduce a three visits just to wwhile the purple just to check. If theelder is fine, they can do like one visit per day maximum. But this wouldbe like twenty minutes. We as human life, exactly of human, have in and achat which might be the only they may be, the only person they speak to thatday and cereal. The benefits around mental health and combating loneliness it do any some ofthe IOT had studies a case that is a quite touching in termsof what io t does not commit technology mynyw, but what it can do to changepeople's quality in life, and some of them are are quite a quiteamazing what they can do, an you're, absolutely right. You know just spendmore time with somebody eaqually time yeah for both the patient and the Caraactually well, listen. We could talk o ours do Metrius, because I know we'vegot very many customers together, but I did want to perhapsbring this together and with one final question and say: I'm sure people havebeen fascinated by this conversation. If people want moreinformation, is there any source of information or whether he could go toget more get more information about what it isthat you guys do yeah first of on it this for something specific. You knowthey can reach out to me by linking Demetra Peplos it or Dimitri,and they will find me, but they also for so they can find me information onthe website. Aws It illegal. They will find it, but also recently. I thinkthis is very important, and especially for enlisting as customers or for acompany that considering to use the at services, we recently published a wellarchitects to review with a very popular dictment from my dub guess, butso far it was a dinner of for cloud, a ID terrice, but now we will publish thedocument which is well. I did actually view with it Lens, so it's focusingonly on the IOT and covers security scalability reliability. I resilienceactly access a control, so all of these things, like basically best practicesthat someone should follow around the ASP and yeah. I could check a wellexpect if you it Lens, you will find the day online and treze download ingreat. So let's bring it to conclusion thanks again Emetrius for your time andyour insight. Indeed, your panters Ip between the two companies you've beenlistening to the IO T leaders podcast. I hope you joy this a episode Icertainly did and thanks again for the discussion. Take Er thanks for tuning in to Io t leaders, apodcast brought to you by Si our team delivers innovative Global Iot cellularconnectivity, solutions that just work helping our customers deploy,differentiated experiences and disrupt their markets, learn more at SI com.You've been listening to io t leaders featuring digitization leadership onthe front lines of Iot. Our Vision for this podcast is to be your guide to itand digital disruption, helping you to cut the right ring to success. We hope to day's lessons stories.Strategies and insights have changed your vision of Biot. Let us know howwe're doing by subscribing grating reviewing and recommending US thanksfor listening until next time. I.

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